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Nutella controversy – ‘know your product’

These days there is far too much misleading information surrounding health and nutrition. There are many  products that claim to be healthy and/or nutritious when in reality they are not.

Nutella is a classic example of false and misleading advertising at its best. It all started with an advertisement claiming that their hazelnut spread is a ‘nutritious’ breakfast for children. Every time I watched this ad it would make me cringe, I didn’t understand how they could get away with such a blatant lie. You only need to look at the ingredients and come to your own conclusions quickly. I’ll admit that I have indulged in Nutella on the odd occasion, however I would never dream of feeding this to my child every morning for breakfast assuming it to be a healthy option.

It turns out they didn’t get away with the lie after all. In February, 2012 a Californian Woman, Athena Hohenberg sued Ferrero USA Inc., the makers of Nutella for false advertising. She unfortunately believed their claims and was feeding her 4 year old daughter Nutella for breakfast daily. ¬†They settled for $3.05 million dollars to be distributed amongst consumers. Ferrero also agreed to change their website, television adds and product labelling accordingly.

This example is only one of many. Take the time to look at the ingredients and work out for yourself whether or not something is a good choice for you and your family.